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Facebook Like Button

Haven't you ever wanted a Facebook like button for your own website? To add is just such a convenient way to let visitors to your own website leave positive feedback on your pages. The Facebook like button also gives you, the website developer, valuable information about the preferences of your website visitors so that you can target the information you display accordingly. That may even increase the number of your website visitors in the future.

It is pushed thousands of times a minute by millions of Facebook users around the globe. In its recent IPO filing, the company noted that its interactive like and comments options had been used 2.7 billion times per day in the three month period that ended December 31, 2011. That comes to 31,250 likes and comments every second. While installing it on your website is unlikely to get such a huge response, it's still a way to enhance interactivity and build relationships. In the days of the social Internet, enhancing interactivity and building relationships is what it's all about.

The History of the Facebook Like Button
In the early days of free Facebook a website aggregator called similar was all the rage. It was not a social media site as such. Instead, it was a feed consolidator that aggregated updates from social media sites like Twitter, Flickr and various blogging sites. The site had been founded by seasoned Google veterans, and it filled a need because it allowed users to keep up with the activities of friends who didn't use the same social media sites that they used.

They first implemented a "like" feature in 2007. Facebook launched its famous facebook like button in February 2009. Though Facebook executives deny that they borrowed the idea of it the generator group, the similarities between the two features are very striking.

Six months after they launched its like button, it purchased them for $15 million in cash and $32.5 million in stock options. The FriendFeed site still gets approximately one million unique visitors every month. Now it has its own Facebook like button to add!

Your Site's Facebook Like Button to add
Sharing is increasingly important on the Internet. When you install it on your website, you're encouraging your users to like the content you've published on Facebook as well as the content you've published on your own website. This potentially exposes you to many more people than you would be able to reach on your own. It's great free marketing, and you would be foolhardy not to take advantage of it.

By adding a Facebook like button, you're creating a way to connect your website to fans of your website. In addition to showing up on that person's wall, an event that appears on the news feeds of all of their friends, you can also now publish updates in news feeds. You can have multiple of them on every piece of content on your website if that suits your purposes. Many Facebook like buttons also give you an option, if you're uncomfortable with the word "like," to replace it with the word "recommend."

Any website button to add that a user has liked has a corresponding page on Facebook. They're created when a user presses the add Facebook like button generator you've placed on your website for the very first time. There are administration tools you can download and install that will then help you monitor that Facebook page that was created when a user liked your website. You can use these administrative tools to program customized Facebook content specifically tailored for that group of people. This extends the reach of your own website audience and exposes you, potentially at least, to all 500 million of Facebook's users.

A Facebook like button is a key component for any website that wants to generate more traffic. There are many benefits to having the like button on your page and it is simple to install. How do you get it on your page? You will do this by using a Facebook like button generator. The generator will give you a snippet of code that you can then add to your webpage.Installing it onto your website is easy when you use a generator. You simply type in the URL in the generator for the webpage that you would wish it to appear on and it will generate the code for you to add on to the webpage. A Facebook like button is a simple plug-in for your website or webpage that lets people easily and quickly share content with their friends. It creates a connection between the content and the person who clicks on it. When someone clicks it on a webpage, the content that the person “liked” then shows up on their friends’ news feed and on their personal timeline with a link to that page. When you add it to your webpage using a generator, it also keeps count of the number that your web page receives.

Users often gets confused with the “share” button and it is important to know the difference. It allows users to desire a site or a part of a site and users to share a webpage on their timeline for their friends to see what they are doing. While that may seem more beneficial to your site, users are less likely to “share” a page than they are to like a page. Liking a page takes much less effort and you are likely to see many more for your page than you are shares.

So now that you are familiar with it, you may be wondering why you should add one to your site. Adding it on your page is a free way to spread the word about your site. It is an excellent and free marketing tool that you can use to promote your site. When you add it to your webpage using a generator, you allow visitors to share your website with their friends. More clicks on your website produce recommendations for your website in the newsfeed on Facebook. It will be also good branding. Facebook is familiar and people already have an established relationship with them, so having it on your webpage builds trust and adds credibility to your site.

Now that you have installed your facebook like button you can sit back and watch the count start to come in! Make sure to tell family and friends to look at your web page, it’s a great way to get more rolling in!

A Facebook Like Button Can Help Your Website Succeed
Facebook has come up with a wide variety of innovations and changed the habits of millions since its founding date in 2004. It's created a way for friends and family to keep in touch with each other regardless of the distance between them, given businesses a way to come in contact with their fan base directly and it's revolutionized the way we view even the most mundane of things. Today, you're going to learn about what makes the Like button so important for you. You're also going to learn why you should be using it, and you'll even be given access to a very handy tool that allows you to generate a button that allows users to 'Like' your website content. What Makes the Like Feature So Important?

The biggest change that Facebook has brought to the way people use the Internet is the concept of a 'Like'. With just one click of a button, users can express they are both interested in the content that someone publishes and that they want to discuss the page they liked with the people closest to them. Both of these features can be beneficial to your site in a society where almost everyone has an active Facebook account that they browse each day. The first benefit works to show you what users think about your content. There's no need to wade through hundreds or thousands of comments to get a very vague idea of what your users think about you.

All you need to do is to see how many likes you've received to know how popular you are with your users. The second benefit revolves around the fact that if one person likes your content, then several other interested people may be interested in it and like it as well. This effective becomes cumulative and can lead to your page spreading rapidly among people who are connected. In cases where it doesn't happen rapidly, there will still be a spread of your page among connected people if the proper provisions are made. This means that you must make it possible for users to add your site to their list of likes and ensure that the users liking your page have friends who will also like it.

Fan Page Likes Compared to Website Likes
There are two different types of “Likes” that a Facebook Like button can produce. The difference between the two is relatively small, but worth noting so that you can successful use social media to drive visitors to your content. The first type is the iconic “Like” that belongs to Facebook fan pages. You make a fan page for your site. Users click “Like”, become followers of your fan page and receive status updates directly to their feed. From this, you can interact with them and they can interact with you. The disadvantage is that you can only have one fan page per site or topic. The second type of “Like” is relatively new. It's a form of the “Like” that was only recently implemented. It allows users to become fans of a page that isn't a fan page. this means that pages on a site can be shared. This allows pages of a website to gather attention from users. The one downside is that there is no way to open direct communication between the owners of the site and the fans of it.

Succeeding With Likes
The best way to succeed with the Facebook Like button is to implement both types. Ensure that you have a fan page to talk to your fans and a button that allows users to like each individual page of your website. Most people already know how to create a fan page for their site. While gathering fans for it is another issue, that's still not the hardest part. Many people opt out of using the newer like button that allows people to like individual site pages because implementation is tricky. The good news is that you can easily generate the code required for a Facebook like button that works on any page of your website. All you need is to enter your URL, then click 'Generate'. You'll then receive your free Facebook code that you can add to your site to make it all work. Don't pass up this opportunity to drive traffic, build a fan base and even introduce people to your website without actively having to do anything. Take five minutes to generate this Facebook like button, add it to your site and reap the benefits.

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